Acceptance Course Homework & Preparation

May 24-26, 2019

Your SoHA Shared Folder

Course Workbook

You will receive an invitation to share a folder in which all your work at SoHA & Awareness Studios is stored. (You may already have one if you have attended classes before.) We will add a workbook to your folder for the Acceptance Course. When you receive your link, please complete your workbook by Wednesday before the course.

You may continuously add to this workbook and all your edits will be saved online. There will be other folders within this folder that contain all your SoHA work, receipts, audio and video links, etc…

North And South Nodes

The North and South Nodes are the position of the lunar axis at the time of your birth. The nodes are not an astrological body (such as a planet). Related to the moon, North and South Nodes are part of the soul’s astrology and your journey of meaning and purpose in this lifetime. The South Node is referent to the karma of past lives, and the North Node is associated to your soul’s mission.

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