Being a Mentor or Angel (Course Assistant)

After completing a course you are invited to return as an 'Angel' or course assistant. This is our form of "continuing education"! Assisting offers students the opportunity to learn even more through service to others. This is hands-on, real-life experiential learning that trains awakedness and care.

Angels and Mentors are always encouraged to:

  1. Begin a simple detox program at home, guided by SoHA staff - or join us a SoHA for a few days for a deeper detox and rejuvenation!
  2. Continue working with a kinesiologist to keep clearing the old energies and make space for the new!
  3. Learn, learn, learn about what is happening below the level of our awareness in the patterns and the body - to have a deeper understanding of the meaning and purpose of this lifetime and all we experience, and what we come to offer others.

There are limited number of spaces available for angels and mentors, so make your plans with SoHA early!

For the Inner Awareness Course, being an angel includes the Awareness Training Class (ATC) on Tuesday evening the week of the course, and Angel Team Meeting (ATM), Thursday night before the course weekend. The course begins for Angels on Thursday, please plan your travel arrangements for arriving at SoHA by 5:00pm.

First Time Angels do not attend the ATC on Tuesday evening.  There is a special class for new angel training.

For the Insight Courses (Heart, Acceptance and Wisdom Courses) being an angel includes the Awareness Training Class (ATC) on an evening of the week of the course.

Interested in Training as an Angel?

Please contact us if you would like to enroll as an Angel for an Inner Awareness or an Insight Course. Angeling is a hugely expansive training in service and generosity. For each course, there are limited spaces available, and we invite you to plan ahead for the courses you are interested in attending. 


Angel Tuition $200

Inner Awareness Course Angel

Week of Course Schedule:

Tuesday ATC: 6pm - 8pm
(online for 1st time Angels)
Thursday ATM: 5:45pm - 9:00pm
1st Time Angel Training Class TBD - over Skype
Friday Evening: 5:15pm - 10:30pm
Saturday: 8am - 11:30pm
Sunday: 8am - 5pm

Insight Course Angel

Week of Course Schedule:

Thursday Evening (new!) Angel Team Meeting: 5:45pm - 9pm
Friday Evening: 4:30pm - 9pm
Saturday: 8am - 11pm
Sunday: 8am - 5pm