Body Therapies and Essential Oils

SoHA massages combine traditional Swedish and Neuromuscular tissue work with Passive Yoga Stretching and Pranic Healing energy work. This combination of massage techniques may assist clients with relaxation, pain relief, clearing blocked energy flow in the body, and receiving healing, nurturing touch.  


60 min Massage $90
90 min Massage $120

Add on Essential Oils $20

Magnesium Therapy

90 min Magnesium Wrap $140
Most people are deficient in magnesium, increasing age-related effects to the body and neurology. Read more about the benefits of magnesium.

Castor Oil Therapies

Castor Oil is applied to the abdomen to alleviate constipation, aid in detoxification of the liver and gallbladder, and improves the immune system by increasing lymphatic circulation.  This treatment is gentle and effective.

60 min System Recovery $100
This is a castor oil treatment on the front and back of the body, during which points on the head and feet are massaged.

Castor Oil Pack Treatment 60 min $60
Castor Oil Pack during a colonic $45 (add on)

Raindrop Therapies

60 min Essential Oil (Raindrop) Treatment $80

60 min Raindrop Massage $110
90 min Raindrop Massage $140
Essential Oil Treatment combined with Massage.

90 min Raindrop Kinesiology $140
Essential Oil Treatment combined with a Kinesiology Session.


60 min Raindrop Reflexology $100
45 min AMI + Reflexology $80
60 min Reflexology + System Recovery $140

Amethyst BioMat

All of our massage tables are equipped with a healing amethyst BioMat.  

Schedule Online

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Frequency Table

A component of Castor Oil Pack sessions is the SoHA frequency table. The frequency table is an immersive sound environment that utilizes sound transducers attached to a modified massage table and combined with a sound system to bathe you in sound. When used in combinations with specific frequencies, chants, or music designed for healing, the sound table conducts vibrations into every cell. The direct cellular vibration creates a gentle yet powerful healing and organizing effect that may result in profound responses.