SoHA Impact Training

Kinesiology Training Course (ReUnion Process)

The ReUnion Process is a system of kinesiology.  This is a powerful tool for awareness and transformation. Learning to facilitate kinesiology sessions is an amazing opportunity to study consciousness. 

Impact Training is for everyone - even if you are not planning to be a practitioner. This training rewires the neurological pathways of our decision making and responses in life - and it solidifies an inner guidance system.

Training and practicing as a kinesiologist offers:

  • An exciting exploration of our inner beliefs and capacities

  • Opening to the sacred within - beyond the constructed and unconscious personalities

  • Strengthening compassion and mindfulness

  • Integrating the imagination and the "right brain"

  • Strengthening the inner listening and guidance

  • Deeply knowing that reality can shift as perception changes

The ReUnion Process is developed by Peter Scupham of the Inner Natures Research Institute (INRI). ReUnion Process training at SoHA follows the INRI format. Each course weekend provides instruction in the technique, development of inner alignment, understanding the cosmology of the human unconscious, and beginning movements of learning to work with this technology on situations and others.


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To schedule your training dates, please email or call 404-257-1257.

Course Tuition

Tuition: $2500
Deposit: $500
Course Materials: $500


ReUnion Process: Veena, Laura & Isaac

Course Times

Course Days: 8am - 5pm

Prerequisites: Any SoHA Course

For more information, please contact us at or 404-257-1257.


About SoHA Kinesiology Training in the ReUnion Process

Certification as a ReUnion Process Facilitator is granted by the Inner Natures Research Institute at the completion of the SoHA Course. And all ReUnion materials are copy-written property of the Inner Natures Research Institute.

ReUnion Process Techniques
from Inner Natures Research Institute

  • using muscle testing and hand modes to talk with the body (unconscious)

  • entering the ancestral and past life gates to clear past programming

  • detecting and clearing the most limiting forms of programming

  • experiencing sacred attributes

  • learning to work distance sessions

Additional Training
from SoHA

SoHA's Kinesiology practice allows you to:

  • have access to inner processes and transmute energies

  • hold the perception of a larger world

  • clear inherited and absorbed patterns

  • surrender "you" in service to the other

  • be aware in a no-fault world, and make movements forward

  • open your right-brain imagination

  • develop connection to a higher frequency (Grace, Spirit, Heart)

  • train to hold a deeper energy and meet the inner process with maturity, realness and Grace