State Of The Art Offerings

SoHA Inner Care has tried it all to find the best of the best. SoHA offers state of the art detox movements - all designed to clear your body to receive the new in your life!

It is essential in transformation and awakening to work with the body, the emotions, and the whole psyche! To support the physical body to remove the old and the toxic, to clarify the emotional body and energies so new understanding and compassion can take root, and to feed the whole psyche an in-depth understanding of what creates a life and how our perception of life is clouded. All transformation and awakening goes together with the body, other people, understanding, compassion, and nurturance...

SoHA provides the strongest detox movements for the body and mind through the combination of the Inner Care Detox Spa and the SoHA Courses.

Our detox programs are designed and guided by Apollonia with the SoHA Detox Team.