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Guide Sessions:
Integration, Alignment and Clarity | Gestalt Consultations

SoHA Guides are experienced "listeners".  They are trained to hold the soul's vision and navigate the inherited and absorbed patterns and conditioning.  Hiring a Guide is an essential part of your journey.  They will teach you to navigate the landscape of your inner - the patterns, and the path to maturity and awareness.  

Guide Sessions are available to review your course movement for the purpose of integrating your experience, and for walking step by step through the transformational journey of your life. 

60 min Guide Session
$100 Individual

30 min Guide Session
$50 Individual

60 min Guide Session
$150 Partners

Card Readings

Readings with SoHA staff give clarity in decision making processes.  It is essential to understand what may need clearing, and the deeper unconscious motivations surrounding situations, people and important decisions.

15 min Card Session

30 min Card Session

Reading with Dechen
15 min - $50

30 min - $100

1 hour - $200

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