Inner Awareness Experience

Inner Awareness (IA) Experience is a collective transformation in which we all participate via our personal awakening and transmutation through the heart with grace.

This means we bring all of our experiences and "equations for living" together (the clear and simple truth of what we have experienced in these bodies), and through our innate, subconscious connection and the higher frequency of Heart and care - the separation dissolves, the right-brain opens, and we experience new perception of living, guided by what is sacred inside.

The key is to allow oneself to take the mind offline - to have the courage and trust to go deep and energize the body - to purge old stagnant energy - and begin to live in the awe of what is possible. We are the greatest delusions of ourselves! It is real liberation to have the opportunity to radically change our perception - and therefore, our reality.  And more over - to see and understand our connection to others (to end the delusion of separation).

IA is a very intense experience - all students must be ready to go deep and travel through all that has been experienced in this life (and passed down the lineage).  

This course is about the freedom from conditioning that opens the creative Spirit. This is the necessary, organic, stripping of the denial (story lines of the personality/ego), and opening of the wisdom of the body, and the inner listening and Yin talents in women and men.

The frequency of IA is similar to the ancient human shamanic energies that fully enliven and stimulate the brain and nervous system. The process and energy of IA highlight areas of the brain and subconscious so that our perception can evolve.  This is living beyond the "programming" of a cultural life - into a Spirit guided soul journey.

IA is a once in a lifetime experience for true seekers who have courage, and are moving beyond "right and wrong" into real social change. This is real freedom. And it serves ourselves and others - we all see truth, expand, clean up what is old, and move forward in a mature, fully alive, and connected world.

2018 Course Dates
November 9 - 11

Tuition  $828
Deposit  $200

Maximum Enrollment 18 Students
This is an Awareness Studios course hosted by SoHA.

Prerequisites: Pre-Course Interview, 1 Kinesiology Session, and 1 Guide Session

Course Weekend Schedule

Friday Evening: 5:15pm - 9:30pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 11:00pm
Sunday: 8:30am - 5pm
Plan flights to arrive on Friday by 3pm, and leave Monday.  It is essential to rest and integrate.

Meals provided Saturday and Sunday: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.


The Inner Awareness Experience includes a 60 minute conversation for admission to the course.

In this is interview we discuss the workings of the course, what it may be like for each person, what the focus and intention is for each person, and it is a time to ask questions and learn some about the programming the body and mind are carrying.


Orientation is a 60 minute evening session held Wednesday evening the week of the course at SoHA and webcast for out-of-town students. Orientation covers course logistics and questions.

New Students

For more information, contact us at or 404-257-1257.
Please call SoHA (404-257-1257) to be guided with a "SoHA Interest Session".

This planet is not in great shape - it is essential that we all do our part in transmuting the old. The joy, relatedness and opportunities of creative entrepreneurship are available at a new frequency of being. Nothing can be solved at the level of the issue.  The era of blaming the reality is over...  ~Apollonia 


I think what stood out the most was the patterns - to really look for the past patterns that run me.  And now looking to develop new patterns for breakthrough. In the gestalts, it was amazing how you could see that working with people to have them acknowledge what was happening in the body - to have a certain consciousness where Apollonia was able to bring it up, bring it up, bring it in - the movement, the energy, you can see it hit home. I talked to the students and they all felt it. That’s amazing. 

And the whole idea of energy and body - it’s something I’ve always taken for granted. I always felt I was a reader of energy and body, not that I was ever raised on it or taught about it, but being able to come to a community that is about that. People are reading energy, talking about energy! I feel as though I was lost, and found a tribe that I belong to or that I could understand.  Sometimes you can be in your head, and I could actually see someone drop from their head to their heart. That’s real. You don’t lean about that in school. We don’t talk about it but it’s real.



I know I’ve got signs which probably led me here, I don’t know if it’s angels but something is giving me signs. It doesn't really matter how it’s defined as long as I have faith something is guiding me I’m less afraid. So I think that’s the balance for me. The only thing that will take away the fear is faith.



I just want to make sure my daughters have a chance to choose their own path and that they are aware of all the things in this world. I need to point things out now that I can see them I need to help them see them too. And then in turn, I can be someone in my work that can spread that for the young girls, and even the boys.  I happen to be in a very non-diverse area - a very privileged group of people. So these kids need to wake up.   As big as my heart got this weekend - I am just going to keep my heart big!



This experience allowed me to work through things that generations of my family has been dealing with. So this course has made a difference in creating a new paradigm, not only for me, but for my family, for my nieces, for everyone we touch - that my journey and my life can be the line in the sand. So I got that. And even more connected to Spirit, and confirmation of the Spirit that I know is in me that is up to making a difference in the world. Confirmation. The space allowed that confirmation, that Spirit. All the way to... I always liked myself, but never would describe the word beautiful, but there’s a beauty that I’ve learned to appreciate about myself.  This course has opened that up. I could feel it in my body, my head space - there’s a clarity I have now on what I’m up to – I have confirmation always, and no second guessing it. There is a groundedness I can say that I have, and being on purpose and on mission. So being more sure in my body and myself and being grounded and footed - and not stretched thin. I came in really stretched thin!  And it’s all ok! 

Apollonia is amazing, and in her being a woman leader there is a beauty and a grace and laughter and a play that gives you permission to do the same and be the same. I’ve just never seen it before.  And just the power. I really got the power of woman and the spirit and power and strength in the collective. Individually I would have not been able to do that, and in the collective it’s totally possible so I’m just grateful for that.

Seeing eyes lit up. It was awesome to see people creating what they wanted and the excitement about it. Wow, look at the human spirit, yes, that’s what it is, and it’s just really beautiful.  Just so great to see the sparkling.



It was the most amazing experience. It healed so many levels within me and it was intense, however it was well worth it. You are a new person, a new being, you see things clearly after IA. The staff - they are phenomenal. They are very supportive, we have fun, we’re creative, we think outside of the box, and they give you options for your life to transform it on many many levels. I would highly recommend this course.



It was a lot of energy. It was something that I really needed in my life right now. Just to claim my life and take it into a new direction. Amazing experience.

I learned that by accepting some things, the conditions that I’ve been programmed to, and to get rid of those programs - I can move forward and bring about a better life for myself and to others. 

I loved in the beginning the energy - the dancing, getting the body moving. I loved the meditation.  You really get to understand and go into the inner depths of yourself. I know for my life personally, I don't spend time with myself and this showed me how important it is because it is my life to live.


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