Inner Care Detox Spa Offerings

Nurturance and detoxification are essential to the transformational process! To live an awakened life, it is beneficial to move the stagnant energy in the body and feed the body healthy frequencies and life force. SoHA Inner Care was created to offer therapies that detoxify and allow regeneration and increased clarity.

SoHA Inner Care has a menu of guided treatments for detoxes and sessions.

Customized Detox Programs

You may choose:

Menu of Resources

Release and Detox

Castor Oil Pack Therapy 60 min $60
Colon Hydrotherapy 45 min $80
Infrared Sauna 30min $30 or 60 min $45

Receive and Nurture

Raindrop Massage 60 min $110 / 90 min $140
Raindrop Oil Treatment 60 min $60                            Magnesium Wrap 90 min $140
System Recovery 60 min $80
Vitamin IV Therapy with Replenish IV, LLC

Shift Frequencies in the Body-Psyche

Acoustic Meridian Intelligence (AMI)  30 min $30
AMI Reflexology 45 min $80
Awareness Studios BodySound Chair 15 min $15 / 60 min $40

“Everything electronic in our environments, all the wires, phones, etc. take apart our auric and electromagnetic fields. With the use of the BodySound Chair, you rebuild the electromagnetic fields of the body - so you walk around with a stronger “field” that allows you to be more aligned and centered - and you can stay that way. You feel truly energized and at home in the body.” ~ Apollonia

At Home Care

We also recommend a number of nutritional supplements that can be purchased at SoHA:

  • Detoxification Products and Supplements
  • Synergy Foods
  • Detox Ginger Baths
  • Music with Healing Frequencies

Many of the products and equipment at SoHA are fantastic to have at home too! We can show you where to buy many of the things we use...  Apollonia has done extensive research and uses the best most comprehensive technologies!

Ask us if you are interested in having your own:

  • Infrared Sauna
  • Amethyst Infrared BioMat
  • IonCleanse Foot Bath
  • Cymatic AMI 750
  • BodySound Chair
  • VibraTrim
  • Essential Oils
  • Detoxification Supplements
  • At Home Castor Oil Packs
  • Detox Ginger Baths

Resource Mondays

SoHA Inner Care is always open for Resource Mondays after courses for students, mentors and angels!

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