Between two Eclipses

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As you likely know, yesterday (Saturday night) we experienced the Capricorn New Moon, which was also a partial solar eclipse. So that puts us into 'the eclipse zone': the two weeks between eclipses that can be especially useful for releasing that which is no longer needed, and for initiating new patterns that support your growth, goals and desires. Sometimes the eclipse zone can feel a little like a parallel universe, where life takes unusual turns.

At the end of the two weeks, we get the second eclipse in this pair. That will be the Leo Full Moon (with the Sun in Aquarius) and total lunar eclipse on Jan 20-21.

Eclipses are currently in the process of moving from the Leo-Aquarius axis (where they were last summer) to the Cancer-Capricorn axis. 

The standard approach to eclipses has long been to 'look where you want to be'. The idea is that when you're in motion, you'll tend to steer yourself where your vision and attention is focused. And looking ahead to your desired location is key to ending up there, rather than somewhere else. We live in the present; retrogrades tend to help us review the past; eclipses can be tools for orienting on the future while still in contact with the reality of what is.

With Saturday's eclipse nestled between Saturn and Pluto -- two dependable agents of change -- it's possible you're getting a message even more clearly than usual about needed adjustments and transformations you're on the cusp of enacting. Yet, that doesn't mean it'll all happen between now and Jan. 21; but it's just as likely that developments will unfold gradually and even subtly for the next six to twelve months (or longer).

As you steer yourself into the processes of releasing and reorienting, we have some astrology this week that may help you along. First up is Uranus stationing direct in Aries earlier today (Sunday).

Right now, we have ALL of the sign-ruling planets in direct motion for a time (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto -- the Sun and Moon are always direct). We even have the first four goddess asteroids (Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta) and the three most-often used centaurs (Chiron, Pholus and Nessus) in direct motion.

This looks like a big 'green light' from the cosmos to move your life forward toward your goals. Remember: we're in a phase of time when small, simple moves toward what you love, or toward unexpected opportunities, can count for a lot. If you think back to all that you learned and reviewed last year, chances are you'll feel how ready you really are.

Tomorrow, Monday, Venus leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius. Though Venus has been out of its post-retrograde echo (or shadow) phase since Dec. 17, this is the first new sign it will have entered since its retrograde -- the final note of 2018's inner-planet retrograde sonata. 

We also have Mercury in Capricorn squaring Mars in Aries on Tuesday (watch your irritability, and figure out how to address any frustration without taking it out on others). And on Friday, the Sun makes its annual conjunction to Pluto in Capricorn. Chances are that will be a day when you feel the need to really get under the surface of something, and it could lend power to whatever eclipse-zone shifts you're aiming to enact.

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