The Acceptance Course


The Acceptance Course is an intermediate level course designed to strengthen our capacity for accepting ourselves, others - so we can more quickly open to the horizon of learning, hope, and creativity within the grace of transformation.

This experience of this course helps to inwardly hold the "reference point" of life in relationship to the true self - and the foundational connection to the soul nature through the heart.  This allows us to move the mental, stagnant energies trapping our experience of living into the narrow band of the personality.


For more information, please contact us at or 404-257-1257.

Acceptance Course Weekend


Apollonia & Rinpoche

2018 Course Dates

Acceptance Course: TBD

Tuition  $798
Deposit $200

Maximum Enrollment 24 Students
This is an Awareness Studios course hosted by SoHA.

Prerequisites: 2 Kinesiology session

Course Weekend Schedule

Friday Evening: 5:30pm - 8:00/8:30pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 10pm
Sunday: 8:30am - 4pm (completion time varies, make Sunday flight after 8pm)

Meals provided: Light breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Dinner on Saturday.

Acceptance Intensive


Apollonia & SoHA Awareness Studios Staff

2018 Class Date
Acceptance Class 1-Day: August 4

Tuition  $498
Deposit $200

Maximum Enrollment 8 Students
This is an Awareness Studios course hosted by SoHA.

Prerequisites: 1 Kinesiology session

Class Schedule

Saturday Intensive Class: 8:30am - 10pm

Meals provided: Lunch on Saturday.

Friday & Sunday:

Participants are encouraged to schedule rejuvenating and clarifying sessions at Inner Care, along with a nutritional or NAD IV with Replenish IV, LLC.

Resources are a profound way to relax and open the neurology for learning and transformation!

Training With Bhakhang Tulku Rinpoche

Studying with Rinpoche is an excellent resource for learning the real benefits and wisdom of being fully present and alive in life. Rinpoche offers a unique way of seeing the "self".

He was trained in India (in a Tibetan monastery) for 20 years, to hold a prayer space and a deep listening for people. In the space that he holds you can experience yourself looking more deeply. It is like being in front of any highly devotional person - Rabbi, Priest - a heart centered being that is devoted to Spirit. Not for answers - but for the space of Grace that he can create. Things may feel unattainable but it gives us the right space to ponder and an aligned space that can give us the "way" to follow. You are actually talking to the prayer space, not to him.

Please work with the following questions to prepare for your session with Rinpoche...

Insight Questionnaire 

1.  Why are you visiting Rinpoche?
2.  What is the specific situation happening in your life that you would like Rinpoche to focus on?
3.  What can you identify about this situation that may be a pattern that shows up in your life?
4.  What aspect of this situation do you want to have more compassion towards? [in yourself or towards another]
5.  What perspective of this issue, or your identity in this issue, are you looking to expand with spiritual awareness?


60 min Session

2018 SoHA Teaching Dates
Apr 20 - 22
Aug 1
Sept 12

Schedule Online
For more information or for assistance scheduling, email or call 404-257-1257.