IT 2019 Updates & Resources


First day of training complete ~ and you all did fantastic work!  We covered a lot of information and you all jumped in the river and swam with courage and heart... keep going! 

Please keep us posted on your experiences as you practice ~ you can always check in with us at

Upcoming IT Training Classes

Below are the dates for the rest of our training sessions. Go ahead and mark them in your calendar now so we can all be together for as many as possible (of course knowing they will be available by video should something come up).

2019: Thursdays 7:30pm - 9:30pm
  1. Feb 7
  2. Feb 21
  3. Mar 7
  4. Mar 21
  5. Apr 4 
  6. Apr 18 (SoHA NYC)
  7. May 2 
  8. May 16
  9. May 30
  10. Jun 13 
  11. Jun 27
  12. Jul 11
  13. Jul 25
Link and Password for the Jan 20, 2019 Class on LiveStream:

 Link: https://livestream.com/accounts/1472036/events/8532371


Your "Kinesiology Friend"!

Throughout this training, you will have a friend at SoHA ~ one of a staff kinesiologists to check in with, ask questions, and simply to be with you in the learning. We would like to know what is going well and what is sometimes challenging. Your Kinesiology Friend will reach out to you to introduce themselves. 

We also have Kinesiology Training Sessions to review deeper questions and develop by practicing for $100 with a senior SoHA Kinesiologist. Training Session are 75 minutes and allow you to review and get specialized training with a SoHA Kinesiologist.   

Apollonia has created a Session Entry just for us!   

With this entry, pull a North/South Node Card to add one specific line to the entry... straight from Spirit for you!

Let me open to being a learner. Beyond all limitations taught or perceived, to play full out in this life and uncover the mystery as we discover our true natures.

Thank you Spirit
Thank you [who/what you bow to here]
Thank you Apollonia

We are grateful to be in this learning, practicing and training adventure together!