Give a Holiday Gift to the Land

These are the lands of Copper Creek and Brookstone. This is where we are training a humanity for the future. 


Copper Creek & Brookstone

It’s been a year since the purchase of this land, and we have been working on renovation and plans for future building. 

Sukhavatia is deep in the Nantahala National Forest and will hold the courses and very deep listening space. B Training is right around the corner.  With its river and beautiful pastures, it will be the place for mentors and artistry - training in serving the heart of this world.

We are together. We align at the core to live sacred service.


Copper Creek

Presently the beautiful Cape Cod house and its red barn are being turned into a retreat and detox movement, with all the bells and whistles. Next year construction will begin on the course room and student cabins.



Presently the men are reconstructing Brookstone as the first stable home of B Training with many more to come. We will have cabins and an amazing kitchen!

Gifts For The Land

Below are examples of the types of things we are buying for the cabins and course room. If you would like to offer a holiday gift to the land, please include a note with your check to designate your item - for example “tea kettle”. Home Depot/Lowes gift cards are also welcome. We will send you a donation letter for your tax return. 

Add to our ideas! Tell us if there are great things out there that you have found and love!  Also - If you live in a rural area and know of anyone selling used wood working tools and farm equipment, let us know. 

Donations by check can be made out to:
6255 Barfield Rd., Suite 110
Atlanta, GA 30328

Note: We are sending this to the people who have a stronger commitment in growing this world. This invitation is for you.