A Happy Colon is a Happy Life!

Guided Liver & Gall Stone Detox

This is a five-day program to cleanse the body of gallstones and the frequency that they carry. SoHA offers this cleanse as a group movement ~ detox is more fun when we all ride together!

The detox plan is simple; there are simple juices to drink, light diet modifications, and fifth day instructions to flush the gall stones while you are sleeping!

Tuition and 2016 Dates

Tuition: $360

2016 Cleanse Dates:
April 12 - 16
August 2 - 6
October 25 - 29

Customized Detox Includes:

  •  Step-by-step "doable instructions"
  • Initial group meeting to review all the details (in-person or online)
  • SoHA customization of your cleanse
  • Texts and guidance (daily and every few hours towards completion)
  • Group kinesiology session
  • Follow-up integration 

"Let’s get these gallstones out! The liver and gallbladder transmute bitterness, upset, and betrayal.  Why live with these stones? They have a frequency that affects our whole lives. Let’s start working to get the old out, literally." ~ Apollonia