With Replenish IV by Nomad MD, LLC

Replenish IV is a mobile IV clinic in Atlanta that visits SoHA Mondays, Thursdays and some Saturdays.

They offer hydration and nutritional IVs. This is a great way to hydrate, nurture, and rejuvenate the body!

NAD repairs the neurology in the brain and body. With NAD we found that people really studying awareness were detoxing fear and seeing patterns clearly, understanding themselves, making more choices to guide the inner - they can hear and understand new teachings very easily - and make sense of patterns and delusions fast!

The NAD seems to shows what is in alignment in life, and what is "costing energy"... It aligns to the deeper intention within and makes it possible to see things that are hidden or in denial, that keep old patterns going. 

Even more effective is to have an NAD IV while doing an awareness exercise - like a Force History. The whole being is open and relaxed - the brain is awake (higher cognitive function) - and the material makes sense from the non-reactive witness that allows everything to be clear and illuminate new possibilities.


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IV Offerings

by Replenish IV, LLC and Nomad MD, LLC

Myers Cocktail
Glutathione Push
High Dose Vitamin C

When you arrive at SoHA you will meet the Replenish IV and Nomad MD professionals who will walk you though the process of receiving an IV.  

Replenish prices range from $95 (Myers Cocktail) to $700-$1500 (NAD).

This is not a SoHA business, we are simply a location. All medical information is discussed with Replenish IV and Nomad MD.

Prices vary with doses administered by Replenish IV by Nomad MD, LLC

Email Najeeba Rajah for more information.