Nutritional IVs


With Replenish IV by Nomad MD, LLC

Replenish IV is a mobile IV clinic in Atlanta that visits SoHA Mondays, Thursdays and some Saturdays.

They offer hydration and nutritional IVs. This is a great way to hydrate, nurture, and rejuvenate the body!

Hydration and nutrition is essential to the detoxification process.

NAD+ IVs seem to bring awareness to what is “in alignment” in life, and what is "costing energy"... It allows deeper truth to be seen with a “witness” - more self-compassion and detachment.

We recommended that you consult your doctor or medical professional before scheduling an IV with Replenish.

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IV Offerings by Replenish

by Replenish IV, LLC and Nomad MD, LLC

More information from Replenish:

Myers Cocktail (Multi-Vitamin)
Glutathione Push (Powerful Antioxidant)

High Dose Vitamin C

When you arrive, you will meet the Replenish IV professionals who will walk you through the process of receiving their IV treatment.  

Replenish prices range from $95 (Myers Cocktail) to $700-$1500 (NAD).

All medical information is private and held by the doctors and nurses of Replenish IV by Nomad MD.

Prices vary with doses administered by Replenish IV by Nomad MD, LLC. Please read the Replenish Terms and Conditions at the footer of each page on their website. You will sign their waiver at the time of your IV infusion.

(SoHA is a location and host of Replenish IV.)