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We will be in a beautiful retreat site in Upstate NY/Connecticut. Take a day (or a half a day) away from the city and bring a friend for a SoHA experience in nature that strengthens your inner nature.

Call us now to schedule your sessions and invite your friends to join you because we want to meet them this week.
SoHA and Awareness Studios
are coming to New York/CT.

October 16 to Sunday October 20
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Invite Your Friends and Family

You can download a $50 gift certificate for someone new to come for a session.

For New Clients

Questions we often answer for new people...

Who are we and what are we doing in New York?

We come to provide divergent resources to support our current students and meet new people like yourself. 

SoHA and Awareness Studios offer a real perspective on where we are as a society today and a philosophy for moving forward. We are led by Apollonia, and she is the main teacher, entrepreneur, and founder. She is an amazing leader and teacher guiding us in our relationship to Spirit. She teaches that a normal life prioritizes what’s familiar and comfortable and that we must find risky options to develop an inner life that’s rich, deep, and connected to more than the individual...connected to Spirit.  Concepts like love, the soul, meaning, contribution, mission, and consciousness are practiced and doable. 


What’s the deal with Apollonia?

We’re not sure, and she’s not normal. She’s divergent, strong, brilliant and has trained people for over 40 years to care for the coming generations. Developing others to listen for and answer the call to contribute, she teaches us courage, intelligence, and generosity to be in service at the highest level in devotion to Spirit. Life is not meant to be lived proving to others you’re worth something to get love.  Life is sacred, the soul is real, and the journey is long (even if life is short). Where is your heart in all of it? Let’s get going. 



Divergency is a quality we all have before we’re conditioned to conform. It’s an expression of genius, creativity, and permission available to everyone.  We are certain that living a familiar life works against you.  With faith, guidance, and support, changing your life towards divergency is essential to evolve the world in a positive direction.


I don’t exactly understand what my friends are saying when they talk about SoHA, but they’re passionate about it, and what are these sessions?

Our work is not always easy to articulate because your friends are having experiences on the inside.  Often, people feel like there’s a part of them that’s precious that no one else knew was there that is finally recognized and encouraged.  It’s a form of love they appreciate. It’s a feeling or a tone that is immensely meaningful but hard to describe.  

The sessions…here’s the gist:

Kinesiology: you might find out there’s more to the picture than you thought. You’ll start with an intention for something you want help with or to evolve in your life, and we’ll work this process that’s a form of prayer. The idea is to unchain you from your DNA, ancestral limitations, and patterns. The practitioner will guide you through the whole thing; you can talk during the session or take the time to be in silence.

Reboots: ever feel like you experience the same thing over and over that doesn’t seem to change?  You’ll lie on a table and a practitioner will press on certain acupuncture points while you're guided in a breathing exercise.  You’ll go into an altered state and feel like a computer that got rebooted by end of it. It deeply reset the neurology of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system which for most of us are in overdrive.   You'll feel better and ready to get back to your life.

Footbath: a half-hour session that most people have along with another session. Everyone feels better after a footbath, and it detoxes the body with a device that ionizes the water your feet are in.

Sound chair: you’ll lie on a chair that looks like a dentist chair but there are speakers in the chair itself and you’ll have headphones on. The music was created to bring you into a meditative state, and you’ll feel the music in your body. Everyone enjoys the sound chair. 

All of these sessions relieve stress and exhaustion. We focus on your body because with the stress we all live in, it is essential to get nurturance.  How can one follow a soul’s path if they don’t have enough energy?

Guide Sessions We’ll get to know you and what you’re up to, and you’ll get a sense of how we navigate life…divergently.

Awareness Card readings: We focus on clarity of purpose and what is happening for you below the mind -  intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically and overall, what your soul is up to. Very useful for decision making on the divergent path of the heart.

And, what about the philosophy?

We offer courses in Atlanta and retreat locations where you learn from Apollonia directly. We will send you some videos for free. We will ask you for some basic information so we can send you videos of the work that might speak to you. These videos are clips of Apollonia teaching classes or training practitioners to care for others. Click here to request videos.


Call us today at SoHA (404-257-1257) or text us at Awareness Studios (678- 264-3297) to schedule or ask questions.

With Love,

All of Us at Awareness Studios & SoHA

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