SoHA & Awareness Studios NYC

We travel to New York many time throughout the year to work with current and new students. We invite you to join us for a SoHA experience of Kinesiology and Reboot sessions, Awareness Reading sessions, and many of our favorite tools for un-contracting, healing, and nurturance like the AMI, FootBath, BodySound Chair and more!

Join us for resources that bring clarity for your journey.  This is the perfect opportunity to also bring a friend to experience SoHA live!  

Dechen, Isaac, and Veena are available for sessions Wednesday evening through Saturday evening. We will teach card interpretation classes and a kinesiology class on Sunday morning for advanced students. To schedule, email Isaac or call us at 404-257-1257. We look forward to seeing you!

Copy of the email for SoHA NYC

Copy of the Gift Certificate for Oct 2018 New Students

NYC Session Rates:

Body System Reboot (60 min): $150
Castor Oil Treatment (60 min): $150
Kinesiology Session (60 min): $150
Awareness Readings (Card Reading) (60 min): $150
Kinesiology Training Session (60 min): $150
Detox Foot Bath with Essential Oils (40 min): $50
AMI - Acoustic Meridian Intelligence (30 min): $50
BodySound Chair - (15 min): $15, (30 min): $25, (60 min): $50

NYC Classes:

Advanced Kinesiology Class + BodyPsyche Cards: $200 (includes deck of cards)
Wednesday Oct 17th, 7-9pm (contact Lourdes to enroll)

BodyPsyche Card Class: $108
Saturday, Oct 20th, 1-2pm (contact Lourdes to enroll)

Awareness Tarot Class (for beginners): $108
Sunday, Oct 21st, 8:30-10:30am (contact Lourdes to enroll)

Preparing for your SoHA Session:

If you are new to SoHA, please fill out the New Student Form.

2019 NYC Dates:

January 3-6
March - TBD
June - TBD
October TBD


We are located in the West Village, Manhattan for the weekend and will send you the location address in your session confirmation.

Integrating your SoHA Experience:

After your session, we will schedule a 15 min follow-up phone call with you for the following week. We love hearing about the results of your experience and making plans for keeping the energy moving!