Personal Gestalts and Experiential Exercises

Personal Gestalts are an opportunity to review any SoHA Course Gestalt or Exercise. This is the opportunity to target and move stagnant energy in life, review course movements for deeper understanding and clarity, or simply apply focused energy and care to an unexplored and newly arising movement in the transformational journey.

These movements are private classes tailored for each student by Apollonia and led by SoHA staff. You are the primary focus - with the support of hand chosen mentors and kinesiologists.

Some options for gestalts and exercises are:

Heart Course Table Gestalt
Acceptance Course Gestalt
Singing Gestalt                                                       
Walking a Line
Force History


Tuition: $300 to $600
Duration: Up to 4 hours

Embody Your Vision

Embody Your Vision is an amazing opportunity to become clear about your future intentions and design them creatively.

This personal course is created in 3 movements: 
1) Designing intentions for the future 
2) Creating the vision artistically 
3) Future pacing towards the vision

Writing and drawing opens and uses both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. In the drawing of the vision, the creative energies of Spirit guide students in a child-like, heart centered way, that is easily embraced and accepted deeply within the unconscious. This is a non-threatening and joyful movement.

This process allows the student to feel the stop in the unconscious as experienced through the body. And then redesign any aspect for more ease and success from the unconscious in creating the future. Awarenesses of buried existing belief systems that may be in the way can then be pin-pointed and more rapidly cleared in kinesiology and phase canceling.

This private class is tailored for each student by Apollonia.

For more information or to schedule a session, please contact SoHA at or 404-257-1257.

$600 1 person
$800 2 people

Duration: Up to 4 hours