The Heart course

The Heart Course is an intro course that allows us to come out of the assumptive programs and patterns into real relationship to the self. It provides a personalized exercise that has students see clearly how our perceptions were constructed. Once this construction is seen and understood - perspective on life and who one really is expands and opens to embrace a deeper nature that leads the life.

The main exercise of this course is a personalized gestalt in which each student has the opportunity to clearly see and feel in their body, the roots of the programming within.  This allows for compassion and also shows the illusions we have of our independence and uniqueness...  In the end the cultural life will lead to the same outcome and internal experience as those from whom it was inherited.

The Heart Course shows you the foundation, the origin of what is happening in the experience of the day to day life - and allows a deeper understanding and integration.  This course is freedom to live what is true on the inner.

This class is a point of awareness...  "Where are you?" Because every day you wake up in the same place.  As an awake and aware person you have choice for your spirit and your heart.  This is about you having more insight about your life.  This is about hope, joy, and inspiration!


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Heart Course Weekend


Apollonia & Rinpoche

2018 Course Dates
Heart Course: April 20-22

Tuition  $798
Deposit $200

Maximum Enrollment 24 Students
This is an Awareness Studios course hosted by SoHA.

Prerequisites: 2 Kinesiology sessions

Course Weekend Schedule

Friday Evening: 5:30pm - 8:00/8:30pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 10pm
Sunday: 8:30am - 4pm (completion time varies, make Sunday flight after 8pm)

Meals provided: Light breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Dinner on Saturday.

Heart Intensive


Apollonia & SoHA Awareness Studios Staff

2018 Class Date
Heart Class 1-Day: Sept 14

Tuition  $528
Deposit $200

Maximum Enrollment 8 Students
This is an Awareness Studios course hosted by SoHA.

Prerequisites: 1 Kinesiology session

Class Schedule

Saturday: 8:30am - 10pm
Sunday: 10-12pm

Meals provided: Lunch on Saturday.

Friday & Sunday:

Participants are encouraged to schedule rejuvenating and clarifying sessions at Inner Care, along with a nutritional or NAD IV with Replenish IV, LLC.

Resources are a profound way to relax and open the neurology for learning and transformation!