Detox Programs

SoHA has the state of the art detox movements - all designed to clear your body to receive the new in your life!

It is essential in transformation and awakening to work with the body, the emotions, and the whole psyche!  To support the physical body to remove the old and the toxic, to clarify the emotional body and energies so new understanding and compassion can take root - and the feed the whole psyche and in depth understanding of what creates a life and how our perception of life is clouded.  All transformation and awakening goes together with the body, other people, understanding, compassion, and nurturance...

SoHA provides the strongest detox movements for the body and mind through the combination of the Inner Care Detox Spa and the SoHA Courses. 

What you "put in" the body to support it counts!

  1. IV Therapy:
    • On Monday's and Thursdays, Replenish offers Myers Cocktail IVs, Glutathione Push, High Dose Vitamin C IVs, Poly MVA IVs, and PTC IVs.
  2. Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements:
    • For Seamless Body Movement
      Immune Power! Lypo-Spheric Vit C
      Liver & Transmutation Lypo-Spheric Glutathione
      Energize Lypo-Spheric Vit B
      Electrolytes Emergen-C's
      Focus Koregin Asian Ginseng
      Calm Brain Calm
      Digest Food-N-Zymes
      Uncontract Cal-Mag
      Elimination Veggie-Lax
      Sleep Melatonin
      Reset Serenitin

What you take out of the body creates space, clarity, and new perception of what is possible!

  1. SoHA Inner Care has tried it all and has located the best of the best.  Let us save you time and energy, make an appointment to discuss all the options!
    • Guided Experiential Detoxes
    • Guided hCG Detox Program
    • Guided Gall Bladder Cleanse
    • Guided Intestinal Cleanse
    • Guided Parasite Cleanse (including candida)
    • Guided Master Cleanse
  2. Hydro Colon Therapy (Colonics)
    • Our training hydro colon therapists are the best anywhere - they have a deep sense of understanding about the body-psyche, toxicity, parasites, and all of the nurturance that can be added to continue to open in the new inner space you make for yourself!
  3. Infrared Sauna:
    • It is now becoming clear that metals (attracting parasites) and plastics (creating brain fog and hormone imbalances) along with numerous other chemical toxicities - can begin detoxing through the deep tissue sweat of the infrared sauna.  Sweating is a age-old practice for humans! 
  4. Ionic Foot Bath:
    • We always say, "I don't go anywhere without my foot bath!"  The foot bath is instant relief from anything you are fighting on the inside - common cold, inflammation, metals, any toxic material you ate, drank, breathed, absorbed, or are trying to detox on your cleanses...  
    • If you have swollen glands or a headache, you can feel the foot bath removing toxicity so your own healthy immune system works better!  
    • There are a lot of people who are skeptical of foot baths...  try it out.  Feeling is believing!
  5. Acoustic Meridian Intelligence:
    • Acoustic Meridian Intelligence (AMI) is an amazing sound therapy that transmits frequencies associated with healthy cells through the meridians in the feet to the body's organs and tissues! This supports the body’s natural healing abilities - and you can feel the realignment right away! 
    • AMI + Reflexology: In this therapy, the body is reclined and relaxing as the AMI transmits frequencies through your feet, and Evie works specific Reflexology points to release stagnant energy and rejuvenate the body's natural energetic flows. You can feel the uncontracting & realignment right away!
  6. BodySound Chair:
    • The BodySound Chair is advanced technology