Nutritional IVs


With Vibrancy, a consciousness experiment with NAD. 

NAD + IV Therapy is gaining traction and proving to be a key component in helping people live longer and more vital lives. The standard approach is dosing NAD at levels to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms for addiction treatment or increase NAD levels to a determined level for anti-aging and pain relief.

Our approach is to use higher levels than the norm to help you change your life and detox patterns of thinking and living you’ve long sought to leave behind.  During your IV you’ll also be given videos of teachings from Apollonia and other resources that offer new ideas and understanding about how we have lived and how it could be different for us all. NAD, for us, is a key component to moving forward in your life with less fear and more joy,creativity and purpose.  To awaken the “light of the cells” and fuel the mitochondria, to allow NAD to flood your system with a burst of energy and clarity to go towards a divergent life.

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IV Offerings by Vibrancy

Myers Cocktail (Multi-Vitamin)
Glutathione Push (Powerful Antioxidant)

High Dose Vitamin C

We Collaborate with You on Finding the Best Dosage

Working with NAD at high levels can be challenging, so we think it’s best not to go too fast. But, we also want you to go as fast as you can because there is no time to waste on your living at 100%. We will work with you and with Apollonia’s guidance to select the best IV Therapy and treatments for you.

NAD is an investment in yourself, and we have seen strong and life-changing results for many of our clients. The process can be strong, and it’s always well worth it.  

Pricing for Connecticut (October 2019)

750 MG ~ $950 / $712 (25% off)
1000 MG ~ $1,500 / $1,125 (25% off)
1250 MG ~ $1,750 / $1,312 (25% off)
1500 MG ~ $2,000 / $1,500 (25% off)

*dosages can also range in between these numbers

A Gift From Apollonia (25% Off):

25% off your NAD+ IV ~ If you and a friend that is new to Awareness Studios NAD reserve a seat by Friday, October 11th, you will both receive a 25% discount on your IVs.